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          Wudian Industrial Park, Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, China

          Product - Antioxidants

          English name: 2,4-Bis(octylthiomethyl)-6-Methylphenol
          CAS No.: 110553-27-0
          Structural formula:

          Molecular formula: C25H44OS2
          Molecular weight: 424.7
          Physical properties:
          Melting point: 20℃
          Appearance: white crystal or colorless to light yellow liquid
          Specific gravity: 0.975-0.979 (20℃)
          Viscosity: 80-90mPa.s (20℃)

          Technical index:
          Assay:   ≥98%    
          Light transmittance: 425nm  95%

          2,4-Bis(octylthiomethyl)-6-Methylphenol is new-model liquid antioxidant wigh high molecular weight.

          Uses: this product is new-model rubber antioxidant that is mainly used in butadiene rubber, butadiene styrene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, and other synthetic rubbers.

          Packing, storage, transportation, and notes:
          Galvanized drum, net weight is 200kg;
          Keep in clean and dry place;
          When handling this product, avoid strong rubbing.


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